Thank you volunteer seamstresses

The board of The Legacy Foundation thanks all the people who spent their time sewing masks for members of our communities. As a board of directors, we are pleased to have under written the cost for the material to produce these masks.

Please note that through your efforts, we made masks for over 2,000 people, which means we made enough masks to cover 15% of our Cities population. (13,500 population, 2018 census). That is a tremendous accomplishment in a three week time period, and each of you should be proud of your role. The masks went to our medical facilities, hospice, elderly care facilities as well as some small company and individual needs within the surrounding communities.

Your time spent sewing was time spent stitching health into the fabric of our communities!

Many have asked how could they participate, so, If you couldn’t sew and want to make a financial contribution to help support, please send your funds to: The Legacy Foundation, PO Box 221, Marshall, Minnesota 56258 (we are a 501C3 non profit organization)

The mission of The Legacy Foundation is: To encourage and facilitate the legacy of Christ by inspiring believers to lead in their workplace, community and family.

The Legacy Foundation,

Marshall Area Communities


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