‘Minnesota Quarantine’

To the editor:

“Minnesota Quarantine”

(To the tune of “Oh, My Darling Clementine”)

Refrain: Oh, this endless, oh, this endless, oh, this endless quarantine.

We seem stuck at home forever, dreadful story, quarantine.

Bars and grills shut, no more hair cuts.

Grocers working overtime.

Gas is cheap now, lots of sleep now.

Far apart we stand in line.


Students turned out, teachers burned out,

Parents working out online.

Doctors furloughed, foreheads furrowed

By the dropping bottom line.


As the schools closed, will the pools close?

Summer spent like wintertime?

Empty church halls, no spring baseball,

Life’s become a lonely grind.


No more hugging, contact only

From afar and on FaceTime.

Could be worse though, we could get snow

Or tornadoes at this time.


Helen Langer



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