Let consumers decide the level of safety

To the editor:

Bars, restaurants, barber shops, salons, flower shops, etc. are owned and operated by mostly individuals in rural areas. They know and live with their clientele and are fully capable of adapting safe measures of operating their businesses without edicts or dictates from a central authority. Leave that to local city councils if need be.

It is impossible to have a “one size fits all” rule, legislative law or governor edict that would be “fair” to all. There is more than enough of that already.

We, as individual consumers, are capable and can determine the level of safety we want for ourselves and will decide for ourselves which business we deem to be the safest choice for us to spend our time and money in. There is no better incentive for a business to provide the best they can to the consumer. Micro-managing businesses and consumer choices by the legislature or governor’s office is outside constitutional authority.

Your job in the legislature and senate is to represent, protect and defend us from such overreaching government mandates. Our individual freedoms, liberties and property rights are and should be your first and foremost thought when doing your legislative duties. Ask yourself whether any law you want to pass will infringe on any of these.

Final thought, benevolence belongs in churches and charities, not in government.

Roger Baumann



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