Keep pro-life Trump in the White House

To the editor:

To all United States citizens. Now that we have time on our hands because of the COVID-19 coronavirus, I would like you to watch Francis Chan’s video of the rope illustration, available on YouTube.com. The video shows Chan holding a long white rope, a short portion of which is red. The red portion of the rope represents our time here on Earth. The white portion represents eternity, going on forever.

We have an election coming up, providing us with the opportunity to vote pro-life or pro-choice. Remember that when you vote pro-choice, though you are not breaking the law of the land, you are breaking God’s law. The sixth commandment clearly states, “Thou Shall Not Kill.” When you vote pro-choice, you are just as guilty as the one performing the abortion. What do you think the Father of these babies is going to say to you when you come to judgement? Maybe you will be as fortunate as the good thief on the cross, and maybe you won’t.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the coronavirus has already claimed the lives of 22,252 Americans this year. But abortion has claimed the lives of so many more. The most recent statistic verified by the CDC is from 2016, stating that 623,471 legal and documented abortions occurred that year, in addition to the abortion procedures performed outside of medical facilities.

We now have a president who is pro-life and has done everything in his power to appoint pro-life judges to the Supreme Court. He has worked very hard for our country and endured a lot of heckling since he became our president.

Thank God Donald Trump is our president. Let’s keep him there.

Veronica VanKeulen



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