We can count on Colin Peterson

To the editor:

In rural Minnesota almost everyone is in some way connected to agriculture, whether you are a farmer or work on a farm, a business that buys or sells to farmers, a business that relies on money generated from people in some way dependent on agriculture businesses or if you eat.

While we cannot influence the weather and the trade war that have had a devastating impact or ag prices, we have a powerful person in Washington. The person working to protect and help western Minnesota is Congressman Collin Peterson.

With Congressman Peterson as chairman of the House Agriculture Committee we have a powerful friend on our side. Congressman Peterson continues to shape legislation and policies that support agriculture, transportation and shipping, rural hospitals and nursing homes, broadband, and veterans. All of these issues are critical for rural Minnesota and our entire country to move forward and Congressman Peterson is there for us.

We are certainly living in uncertain times not only in farm country but in our country as a whole. One thing we can count on is the leadership of our Congressman, Collin Peterson. Collin has dedicated his life to Congressional District 7 and rural America. We need to wholeheartedly support Collin Peterson for re-election this November. Collin is the experienced friend we have in Washington looking out for us.

Tim Velde

Granite Falls


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