Staying in my ‘Little House on the Prairie’

To the editor:

Did you ever think that your house/apartment was going to be the “Little House on the Prairie?” I certainly didn’t think so. I thought I’d be going to Bible study tomorrow morning, working at my part time job and then going to babysit grandchildren this weekend.

However, I am now planning to stay in my “Little House on the Prairie” and take responsibility for the health of my wife and me, and try to help with the safety and security of other family members, neighbors, and friends.

It’s nearly unbelievable, but the novel coronavirus has taken control of where and how I spend my time, what’s on my mind, my conversations, and what I hear on every news station.

I am learning many new and important facts and am using and planning to follow the rules as put forth by the experts. If you haven’t done this, I encourage you to go to www.coronavirus.com and read all the way through the site. It’s full of important facts regarding our safety and security. There is specific information for seniors to children with graphs that explain clearly what we need to be doing. Actually, I felt much wiser and better informed to discuss the coronavirus with others. It’s easy — give it a try.

In addition, when I think about our circumstances in the world today and the fact that world leaders are looking to America for leadership out of this pandemic, I’ve chosen to take the time each day to pray for our president and all people who are working around the clock for our well-being.

A “Little House on the Prairie” is the best place for me to be.

John Drown



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