State turning into Minnafornia

To the editor:

I’ve lived in Minnesota almost 70 years, six-month winters, overtaxation, too many liberals, but I tolerate it. I will not sit back or shut up about what I see and feel is happening to the state I love.

This state is becoming the California of the Midwest, still a fly-over state, but insanity is becoming the norm. The city council of St. Louis Park won’t allow the pledge of allegiance to be spoken at their meetings. There are sanctuary cities, many dangerous people are now in our politics, scheming and planning to destroy. I will mention two, Keith Ellison, state attorney general and Ilhan Omar, a Minnesota congresswoman. These individuals believe in, chaos, anarchy and radical liberalism, un-American and anti-American philosophies, hatred of Israel, to mention a few. Wake up Minnesota!

Remember the story of the Trojan horse of 2,500 years ago? That wooden horse is now parked at the state capital, people with intent and ability to do harm residing in that structure.

Barack Obama was the precursor to the breakdown of the Democrats. He dedicated eight years to crushing our religious freedom, Second amendment rights and our standard of living.

Obama is and was satin, silk, velvet very smooth, but devious, another politician who lied every time his mouth was open.

Obama was an agent for Iran, President Trump is an agent for the United States. I will be very proud to help re-elect Mr. Trump, four more years will restore our military, continue growing the economy and repairing damage done to our nation resulting from eight years of Obamaism.

Mr. Trump is 80 grit sandpaper, rough, crude, coarse, but 100 percent a patriot. He is a man who can save the nation from turning to communism.

This nation fought the Korea War and then the Vietnam War to stop the spread of communism. We lost 58,000 men in Vietnam. Fifty years later there is a possibility the Democrats will have a communist on their presidential ticket, his name Bernie Sanders.

Communism, Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Ho-Chi Minh, Nikita Khrushchev, North Korea, China, Cuba, Gulags, the total destruction of capitalism.

The ideology of communism is based on atheism, lack of belief in the existence of God. A nation without God will eat itself and will become a Hell on earth.

I remember Khrushchev slamming his shoe on a table at the United Nations. I remember Khrushchev saying “We will bury you and your capitalistic ways.” I remember Castro seizing power in Cuba and then the Russians installing nuclear missiles in Cuba aimed at us.

Communism and Communists are your enemy and mine. There is no negotiating with them, we must continue to fight that battle, economically, spiritually and militarily if necessary.

Clark Nafziger



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