Remember that eternity never stops when going to vote

To the editor:

Now we have time on our hands with the virus. I would like you to watch Francis Chan TV video, “The Rope.” He has a long white rope with one end red. The red is this world and the white is eternity that goes on and on and never stops.

We have election coming up and you have a chance to vote pro-life or pro-choice. Remember when you vote pro-choice you are not breaking the law of the land, but you are breaking God’s law. “Thou shalt not kill. When you vote pro-choice you are just as guilty as the person performing the abortion. Think of that little baby trying to get away from the knife or vacuum.

What do you think when you die and you meet the Father of all those babies. What do you think He’s going to say to you when you come to your judgment. Maybe you will be as fortunate as the good thief on the cross and then maybe you won’t.

Eternity is forever and ever. We finally have a president who is pro-life and does everything he can to help the unborn. He wants prayer at school and at home.

Think about this.

Veronica VanKeulen



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