Identity is not a belief

To the editor:

I wanted to say in response to the Feb. 26 letter to the editor from Jeanne Allex, “you’re welcome and congratulations on coming out” — how courageous. I’m only sorry for you that it took 75 years for you to feel that you can freely talk about your identity. I hope that your family doesn’t turn their back on you or force you to leave home regarding your recent revelations. If you need support, reach out. I’d be happy to help in any way I can. Here’s to hoping that sometime during the next 75 years someone teaches you the difference between an identity and a religious belief.

Also, I never made a statement to The Independent. Perhaps they quoted me, but you might want to check the entirety of that quote as I did state pretty clearly, “ALL the kids”, so… may ALL the kids continue to feel safe, OK, and supported.

And may nobody’s identity have to remain closeted for 75 years. Sending love and light, Jeanne.

Karrie Alberts



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