Giving up the homophobic lifestyle

To the editor:

The recent controversy in Marshall Public Schools over a pride flag hanging in the middle school cafeteria indicates that there are several people in the Marshall community living the “homophobic lifestyle.” We believe that this lifestyle is a choice — and that with an open heart and adherence to therapy, a person can give up their homophobia and join the larger Marshall community.

We know of several effective therapies for those caught in the grip of the homophobic lifestyle. We have seen several people who have given up the lifestyle through their faith community. We are happy to recommend several faith communities in Marshall that have successfully converted homophobes to individuals who can hold fast to their beliefs while living comfortably with their LGBTQ neighbors.

Others have been cured of their homophobic lifestyle through immersion therapy. Sometimes all it takes is reaching out to our LGBTQ neighbors and spending time with them. Soon, you will realize that the only lifestyle choice you don’t have in common is your homophobia. A few rounds of trivia, or taking your kids to the park, or to the municipal pool, or to church, the mosque, or to Brau Brothers is all that is needed to leave the homophobic lifestyle for good.

For those who find giving up the homophobic lifestyle exceptionally challenging, there is the option of “conversion therapy.” This requires many hours of conversations with a therapist who will help you understand your choice to embrace homophobia while providing you with guidance to free yourself from this pernicious lifestyle.

In the end, it is important to note that the lifestyle choice of homophobia is ultimately passé, along with many lifestyle choices that now seem so quaint. Like avocado green shag carpeting, the leisure suit, or the corset, the homophobic lifestyle is out of fashion. Let us help you. Love is so much stronger than fear. Choose love.

Jeff Kolnick

Heather Kolnick



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