Civility is needed more than ever

To the editor:

I read Mr. Nafziger’s letter stating, among others things, how this country is in danger of becoming Communist. I don’t believe we solve anything with vitriolic and hate filled rhetoric.

Here’s what I think:

First, I have advanced degrees in American History, Political Science and Theology and know the difference between Democracy, Social Democracy, Socialism and Communism. I would suggest nobody in this country wants our beloved nation to go Communistic.

Secondly, I am a veteran and when a fellow sailor needed help, we helped. No matter the sacrifice and no questions asked — it was for the common good.

Thirdly, I grew up on a farm in Southwest Minnesota and when a neighbor heeded help, it was given because it was for the common good.

Fourth, I believe the future of this region, state and country is based on newcomers. We have always been a nation of newcomers and it is bothersome to read the implicit bias toward people of color in Mr. Nafziger’s letter. That’s not who we are — spiritually, economically or culturally.

Finally, I am older than Mr. Nafziger and I expect he’s receiving a monthly Social Security check, too. If that is true and because of the amount of time we’ve been receiving those checks, we are both receiving ‘welfare’ — not to mention the Medicare benefits. That’s not Communism, that’s democratic socialism. That’s, also, the common good.

In times like this, let’s not divide with hatred and incivility. Let’s work together for the common good and that common good is all of us.

Ron Skjong



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