Breaking the Eighth Commandment

To the editor:

We would like to briefly address the person or persons who vandalized St. James Church recently. This seemed to be a premeditated act and we can’t help wondering if the perpetrator thought about the fact that they were breaking the Eighth Commandment, as well as the law.

Furthermore when this person set foot on church property with hatred in their heart(s), they were violating and defiling consecrated ground that has been held holy for over 100 years.

In this time of crisis we hope that those who did this will turn their energies to acts of kindness rather than wanton acts of destruction.

St. James is a faith community that believes in the Golden Rule. With that in mind, we pray that the people responsible for this act will, with God’s help, come to truly undertand what it means to “love thy neighbor.” Now, more than ever, we should be reminded that we are all human. We are all in this together.

Bruce and Shannen Louwagie

Wardens of St. James Episcopal Church



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