Bible verses not followed at Marshall Middle School

To the editor:

Questions and comments in recent Public Forum letters, included the following: “What religion does the Pride flag represent?”

The word, “religion” comes from the Latin “religio,” respect for what is sacred. (World Book Dictionary). Personal choices, reason, science, history, God’s Word — which of these is most sacred to those who support an LGBT lifestyle?

Another letter suggested those who oppose the display of the LGBT flag are living a “homophobic lifestyle.” A “phobia” is a fear or an aversion to something or someone. There is concern about the displaying of the flag, not fear or aversion. Some, but not all students are represented by the flag. It elevates one way of living over another.

Other comments centered around the use of St. Paul’s writings, which Christians accept as inspired by God, as stated in the Bible. Public Forum space is provided for readers to share their thoughts and is intended for a variety of readers. It is not a formal setting in which a woman is instructing men.

The Bible verses which speak of respecting governing authorities was not followed at the Middle School. According to Independent reports, neither the superintendent of Marshall Public Schools or the Marshall School Board were contacted for approval before the flag was hung in the cafeteria.

Some things change like color fads (the words, “for a day” make up the word “fad,” my grand- mother told me) but God’s Word remains unchanging. There is joy and peace in trusting God to guide us through this life into eternal life. As the psalmist sang, “I run in the paths You command, for You have set my heart free.” (Psalm 119:32) God so loved the world . . . (John 3:16)

Trudy Madetzke



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