Remove LGBTQ+ flag at middle school

To the editor:

This letter is a response to Public Forum articles which have praised the hanging of a LGBTQ+ flag in the Marshall Middle School.

Our country’s flag represents the freedoms we have as Americans, including responsible freedom of speech and freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

A person’s moral values are defined either by God’s Word as found in the Bible or by self reasoning or feelings. There are students that believe God knows what is best for them. God has limited intimate relationships to that of husband and wife, male and female. When Joseph, as a young man, was confronted by his master’s wife with the invitation, “Come to bed with me.” Joseph ended his response with the words, “How can I do this great wickedness and sin against God?” (Genesis 39:1-9) That was his primary concern, offending God who had given him life and the promise of everlasting life through God’s Son, Jesus, who would come to die for his sins and those of the entire world.

Joseph’s refusal cost him years in prison, but we read, “The Lord was with him.” (Genesis 39:21) God’s will includes respectful speech and behavior towards everyone. A public school, however, should not promote a particular religious belief, or a political stance.

Removing the LGBTQ+ flag would best protect freedom of religion for the entire Middle School student body.

Trudy Madetzke



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