Here’s more on Marshall hockey history

To the editor:

A previous letter relating to Marshall hockey and its expansion and growth over the years was well written. But there is a lot of the expansion history that needs to be added to that account.

In the 1980s and 1990s there was a lot of community activity for this cause. There was a rink at Holy Redeemer School that was the site of a lot of games. Parents and players would shovel the rink in order to play. Schwan’s gave us use of a building in the Industrial Park. A rink was installed, parents brought food to sell, Frank Schultz brought large containers of coffee and hot chocolate; we had indoor ice! We also had Midgets, Pee Wees and Squirts as well as the Hornets.

Who can forget the trips to Chicago to bring home the Bubble? Trucks, tools and even an RV with the women bringing food. The big trucks that rolled in to haul it back to Marshall, Floyd Wild, Speedway and the airplane that flew in with the experts to salvage the refrigeration and other components. The Chicago people called us a bunch of ants. The second trip to haul the refrigeration piping and unloading in the middle of the night. Then the job of putting it all back together. Jim Haar spent countless hours putting the pipes back together. The list of other contributors to this effort would include a large number of Marshall contractors and businesses.

Next was the fundraising to build the existing arena. None of all of this would have been possible without the continued support of the Marshall community and surrounding communities, Lyon County for the use of land and building and a dedicated group of individuals that foresaw the future of youth hockey in our area — Pat Leary, Bill Cole and John Brobst were three of them.

Art Olson



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