Who cares about a budget? I do Mr. President

Who cares about a budget?

To the editor:

On Feb. 17, President Donald Trump delivered remarks at a private dinner with wealthy donors at his Mar-a-Lago Resort. When discussing the growing national debt, President Trump said “Who the hell cares about a budget? We’re going to have a country.”

This is alarming. In 2019, the Trump Administration oversaw a budget that had a 1 trillion dollar deficit. And now, the national debt is at an all-time record of 23.2 trillion dollars. Yet we haven’t heard any outcry from Republican politicians.

Fiscal conservatism has been a hallmark of the Republican Party, but President Trump has completely disregarded it. I urge all my friends and neighbors in rural Minnesota to think hard about this issue.

I’m happy to pay more taxes if it goes to fixing our roads, improving our schools, and helping the less fortunate. I’m happy to support initiatives that help us be better stewards of this great Earth we all share. What I don’t support is paying more taxes to have politicians give money to corporations while our public debt skyrockets. A budget needs to balance, both financially and morally.

President Trump asks “Who the hell cares about a budget?” I do, Mr. President. I do.

Ben Walker