Time to take responsibility for disaster we are leaving our grandchildren

To the Editor

It’s our generation, boomers, that is responsible for this political dysfunction, climate crisis, and inability to make any progress. 

Where is that American ingenuity we love to brag about? Where is that “can do” American spirit that used to unite us? Where is the part of the American dream that inspired us to leave a better life to our kids? 

Don’t you think it’s time to recognize the facts and take responsibility for this disaster we are leaving our grandchildren? Or do you just want to go fishing? 

Life with others is political. Politics used to be a good way to come to consensus, not a quagmire of lies, bad faith and paralysis. Many voices babble to divide us. What can we do? Listen to actual news, “just the facts, ma’am”, and avoid the constant commentary whispered in our ear.

Think for yourself. 

In our defense, we boomers didn’t drop the ball, we hit it out of the park! It was great until we heard a lot of breaking glass, in the form of breaking heat records, and glaciers.

Our common sense and good will can still lead us. Let’s see if we’ve still got what it takes.     

Media despots, dictators, religious extremists, the greedy, liars and the haters all grasp for power. Global climate catastrophe threatens us all as we bicker in fear.

America has only been great when we have the courage to rise above and stand United. Don’t be duped or misled. We need all Americans, in all our variations, to pull together and fight as one as our lives depend on it.

Bruce Meyer



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