How ‘green’ is Marshall’s electric power supply?

Have you ever wondered what type of electric generation serves your home or business in Marshall?

Marshall Municipal Utilities (MMU) purchases electricity from a variety of generation types. In 2018, 43% of Marshall’s electricity came from renewable sourcessuch as hydro-electric, wind and solar and 55% of Marshall electricity came from carbon free power generation. This reflects an amount of nuclear power in addition to the renewable forms. In 2005, Marshall purchased 60% of its electricity from coal; we now only purchase 34% from coal.

How Green do you want your electricity to be?

The Governor and State Legislature have been in discussion about increasing the percentage of renewable generation used to supply Minnesota retail electric service. Therefore, beginning Jan. 1, MMU is pleased to announce a new program called Bright Energy Choices(BEC) in cooperation with their wholesale power supplier, Missouri River Energy Services (MRES). program will provide all electric customers with an opportunity to “Green Up” the electricity they purchase for their home or business.

The Bright Energy Choices (BEC) Program allows customers to voluntarily purchase Renewable Energy Certificates, (RECs). RECs are certified proof that electricity was generated by qualifying renewable facilities, like wind and solar, and fed into the electric grid.

By enrolling in Bright Energy Choices, your home or business can purchase RECs to offset the non-renewable portion of your energy consumption in effect, making your consumption 100 percent renewable. “Greening up” your energy purchases promote the development of future renewable resources and demonstrates your support for our environment.

 A Bright Energy Choices adder will be applied to 57% of your actual monthly energy purchases. This adder will be in addition to your regular energy charges. The Bright Energy Choices adder for 2020 is $0.005 per kWh. For example, if you use 1,000 kWh per month, 570 kWh’s would have the $0.005 per kWH adder applied to it costing you an additional $2.85 per month to be considered 100% renewable.

If you wish to reduce your carbon footprint and go “Green”, consider the MMU BEC program. For additional details or to sign up for Bright Energy Choices, contact Mark Antony at (507) 929-5969 or marka@marshallutilities.com. More information on the BEC program will also be available with your January 2020 utility bill and on our website at www.marshallutilities.com.

Brad Roos

General Manager

Marshall Municipal Utilities


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