Use your mind when it comes to abortion

To the Editor

What scientific research shows is that in nature and without abortion somewhere between 40 and 60 percent of zygotes (the first cells of life) are naturally destroyed and never become born babies. That is what nature teaches us about the Natural Law. Nature allows a virtual holocaust of “babies” at the earliest life stages, usually before there are any indications of pregnancy. What should that tell us about Natural Law as it relates to abortion and about God’s plan as reflected by Nature? You figure it out. Use your mind. Just don’t fall for the cynical political trash.

The above paragraph was in a letter to the editor of the Marshall Independent, June 13, 2019. I have a big problem with the statement that scientific research says nature aborts naturally fertilized eggs. How does science even know that the egg was fertilized naturally?

Use your mind. What kind of research would have to take place to tell if the egg was fertilized naturally and aborted naturally? Anything other than that would be man’s failed attempt to create new life. I know one undeniable fact, if your mother’s egg had not been fertilized you would not be reading this.

Richard Weedman Lamberton


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