Opening up a wider window to our world

To the editor:

Thank you gentleman (Mike Lamb and Greg Orear) for producing a quality local newspaper that is worth both the money to buy it and the time used to read it. What is even more noteworthy is the fact that in this digital, perhaps soon-to-be-quantum, age, the Independent is a vital link in keeping global citizens in Marshall more fully informed on significant world events.

Case in point: Page 5A, Monday, Oct. 28, 2019, first story under International Briefs — Ex-Communists win German state vote — dateline Berlin (AP). Thank you for putting this article in print. A major metropolitan paper in this state did not have it. As a result, I picked up my wife’s iPad and researched a Mr. Bjoern Hoecke. Very interesting, thank you for opening up a wider window to our word and letting some light in.

Keep utilizing these valuable wire service resources; they are quite worthwhile in helping to keep us in the know! Knowledge is power!

Keith VanOverbeke



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