Decision to take away curbside recycling very disappointing

To the editor:

I have to admit that I am very disappointed in the recent decision that was made that will take away curbside recycling.

In the article in the paper Wednesday, it states that the bids ranged from $400,000 to $700,000 a year. Currently, if I remember correctly, we are paying over $300,000 a year. So with the hiring of a new employee, paying them benefits, and also having to purchase a new truck, what are the actual savings?

All that your decision has done is to increase the amount of waste that is transported to the landfill. Was there any discussion with other officials to discuss the impact of this decision?

I would suggest that you reconsider this decision immediately and hold public hearings on this matter.

Also regarding Commissioner Charlie Sanow. You have a responsibility to the voters of Lyon County to do your job. You should have already conducted a public hearing on this issue. Your comment that now it would take time to advertise and conduct the hearing — then make that time and do it.

Robert Shouse



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