We are not a democracy

The coolest you should keep your house is 78 degrees, federal program recommends.

How much longer is going to be before people start to realize that this and so many other things that are coming down the pike from the Federal Government as “recommendations, policies and regulations” are completely un-Constitutional?

If you don’t read, study just a little and understand what gift our Founders gave us, you will lose it forever! If you continue to think that just changing your elected politician is all you have to do, you are fooling yourself. Politicians over the last 100 plus years have created a bureaucracy that has become a permanent part of our government at all levels, federal, state all the way down to our cities and townships. That is where the government over-reach is happening.

Un-accountable bureaucrats do not get elected and they have been given powers of government to implement policies, rules and regulations that have reduced our freedoms and liberties and property rights. Where in our U.S. Constitution, Article (?), Section (?), does it give the power of the legislative branch the authority to transfer its power to a bureaucracy?

I can’t find it. Can anyone reading this find it for me? You can’t, because it is not there. You need to realize we are living in a “post Constitutional” period, meaning our government is becoming and perhaps, have, become tyrannical.

Democrats at all levels are referring to this country as a “democracy” which we are not. We are a “republic.”

You best know the difference people, and very soon too, or our children, grandchildren and beyond will be doomed. We, the people, are the frogs in the pot of water that is being cooked.

Roger Baumann



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