‘Gun control never eliminates guns’

To the editor:

In the emotional debate about guns and who should be able to have certain types of weapons, we should remember what Aristotle is credited as saying: “The law is reason, free from passion.”

Do those who promote further “common sense” gun laws/restrictions bother to ask criminals what their thoughts are on such agendas? Probably not, since those proponents might be charged with accessory to murder, when some criminals die laughing at their ideas.

It has been said that if you want to defeat criminals and their related lawbreaking, you must think like one, and that logic seems transparently absent when anger and fear take over.

From The Seven Myths of Gun Control: “Gun control never eliminates guns. It never stops violence. There are always plenty of firearms available, in every society, and plenty of people willing to use them. The only question is who has access to the guns and who does not. That question, in large part, determines who lives and who dies.”

Leo R. Lindquist



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