Federal government out of control

To the editor:

The Constitution was proposed, debated and written by elected representatives from each of the thirteen original states for the purpose of creating a Federal Government with enumerated “limited” powers.

How “limited” is the Federal Government today? How far beyond the enumerated powers granted to Congress by the Constitution has it gone? How many laws, rules and regulations that we must adhere to have not gone through the legislative process? How many of them would be considered infringements on our Constitutional Rights?

We are required to live under edicts and rules that are pumped out of departments that have no Constitutional authority. I know of nowhere in our Constitution that gives Congress the authority to bestow their lawmaking powers to any entity, such as, Departments of Education, EPA, HUD, HHS, to name a few. In our over two hundred and thirty some years of existence as a Constitutional republic, it has been the last 100 years where the limitations and firewalls placed in the Constitution by our Founders have been breached.

Our country is being driven into insolvency by an out of control Federal Government that is taxing beyond its authority and spending beyond it’s means. We, the taxpayers, are in debt in excess of 20 trillion dollars and climbing.

Is this the government by We, the people?

Listen to the conversations at the lunch counters, cafes and other places where people gather. Are there conversations about peace, harmony and happiness or are the conversations about unrest, division and anger? Is the latter more of what America has become? Have we lost our moral compass, our unity? Seems more and more that we have segregated ourselves from one another as a people. We have become an “us” verses “them” society.

We have become an angry society of separate and selfish ideologies rather than a content society of freedom, liberty and property rights.

We must return to the values, morals and principles of the civil and peaceful society that America was always known for. We must defend and protect our God given rights while at the same time defend and protect the rights of others as if they were your own, because they are.

Life, liberty and happiness for each of us, as individuals, is earned with honor, respect and love for one another.

See? The answer is a simple one after all.

Roger Baumann