Voters encouraged to vote yes on school building referendum

To the editor:

We are writing this letter to encourage you to vote yes on the upcoming bond referendum to replace West Side Elementary School, consolidate early childhood and prekindergarten education and address significant and important safety and security measures across the district. While the plan calls for a significant financial investment, it is the most fiscally responsible and affordable option available to meet the immediate needs of our students and our community.

Marshall has a strong history of attracting and retaining quality teachers to support and provide an excellent education for our children. Past generations have made investments to support future generations and it is important that we as voters continue to invest in our community by investing in our students and our schools.

Our district has done its best to encourage engagement, open our schools, share information and present a fiscally responsible proposal to meet real and immediate needs within our community.

Please join us in voting yes.

Robert Gjorvad

and Barbara Runchey