Pride in the Tiger Foundation urges yes vote on referendum

To the editor:

At a recent meeting, the Pride In The Tiger Foundation Board of Directors unanimously endorsed and voiced their support for the upcoming (May 14) Marshall Public Schools referendum. 

Our students need quality, safe and secure, and 21st century learning environments to be as successful as they can be in this quickly changing world that we live in.  The plans included in the referendum address all of those needs.

This referendum addresses our District’s most critical needs and was developed by the school board based on feedback received from the community. The plan is adequate in scope, reasonable in cost, and is focused on providing students with safe, modern, and appropriate learning spaces.

These renovated and new and/or enhanced facilities will provide our students with learning and growing environments to help prepare them to be productive members of tomorrow’s workforce and society.

The PITF board encourages you to visit https://www.investinginas trongfuture.org/ to find additional resources and information about the upcoming school bond referendum election.

Janel Wartner, executive director

Marc Craigmile, president

Shay Vandendriessche, vice president

Michelle Castor, treasurer

Karen Wambeke, secretary

Vickie Abel, past president

Robin Bednarek, Lauren Deutz, Gustavo Estrada, Erica Hess, Bruce Lamprecht, Stacie Mulso, Brent Snodgrass, Matt Suby, Jim Tate, directors