Passing referendum will have positive impact

To the editor:

There is one aspect of the upcoming May 14 referendum that may not be fully realized by the general public, a point that is important given the community desire for responsible use of taxpayer money: there is a positive ripple effect to building a new school for grades two through four.

If Marshall approves this referendum, a new school will serve all of our second, third, and fourth grade students well. But, that will also move prekindergarten students out of Marshall Middle School and into Park Side, which would become a pre-K through first-grade building. Currently, our youngest students are housed at the middle school building. Because of limited space, these preschoolers often have to spend their gym time in the hallways and cafeteria. A single building for our youngest students would also centralize our Early Childhood programming and provide much needed space.

Also, once the pre-K students have moved to Park Side, it opens up space at the middle school. Currently, the middle school uses hallway spaces, temporary walls, and closets for classrooms and offices.

One other benefit of the referendum will be safety and security improvements at Park Side, the new elementary school, MATEC, and the high school. (The middle school will get these safety and security improvements through the Safe and Secure Schools Grant.)

When we see and hear information about this referendum, please remember it will positively impact the whole district. It’s not just a single, new building. It’s an important investment for all kids in all buildings.

Please vote Yes on May 14.

Wes Myers