Destroying Electoral College goes against what Founders intended

It is becoming more obvious that the Democrat Party is desperate to complete their “progressive” agenda to destroy the Constitutional republic our Founding Fathers gave us by any means possible.

They are angry at we, the people, for not putting their “anointed” Hillary into the White House as planned. The Electoral College, as designed by our brilliant Forefathers, worked to perfection and Donald J Trump won. But that cannot stand, according to the progressives.

They already have spent over two years and millions of our tax dollars trying to reverse the course by using false documentations and accusations. Just listen to their rhetoric. They want to impeach him. For what? Winning a fair election?

Now the progressives in the Democrat Party are trying to “fix” the next election by destroying the Electoral College as it currently stands so that the highly populated regions in the country will determine election outcomes. The Electoral College was designed to prevent exactly that. It gave the people in smaller states, “fly over country”, an equal voice in determining who our President would be. Any change in that design will pervert the clear intention of our Founders.

The popular vote has already proven that the rural votes in our statewide elections are determined by highly populated areas in our own state. Large cities such as St Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth and Rochester determine the outcomes of who our governor, attorney general, treasure secretary and Department of State will be. That is where the campaigns for those offices were most heavily concentrated.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out folks. Learn some history, read your Constitution and pay attention to what’s going on.

Roger Baumann



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