Family cat hit with bullet that will ‘explode’

To the editor:

On Monday, April 1, our shop cat, Gen, got shot. It was one of those bullets that on contact, they explode. We found Gen outside the shop door with a huge hole in her and her tail almost all the way off.

She wanted and needed our help. The vet said she had not seen anything like this before. Gen had bullet fragments all over in her body — in her intestines, stomach, etc. The vet and staff removed what they could. Gen was in surgery for two hours. Gen remained at the clinic through Thursday. She was getting better. The surgery was a success. Her pain was managed. The vet and staff did an awesome job.

Sadly we lost Gen on that Thursday after more surgery, a blood transfusion and CPR.

If our cat, Gen, was doing something wrong that caused her to get shot, I can’t imagine what that could have been. We should have been told. We would have kept her inside.

The shop is so different now that she’s not here. She is missed by family and the customers loved her when they came to the shop.

Lorine Lanoue



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