A building does impact quality of education, vote yes on schools referendum

To the editor:

I am writing to support the Marshall Public Schools referendum to build a new 2nd-4th grade elementary school, renovate Park Side Schools, add safety and security to buildings and decommission West Side Elementary School.

These changes are desperately needed due to the rapidly changing needs of a modern school system. Our students – especially the youngest students – need to be prepared for the future. A new school building will provide the needed physical space for a quality education and eliminate the need to hold classes in hallways or in trailers.

A building does impact the quality of the education. Our teachers can only do so much when classrooms are over 80 degrees in the fall and spring and students cannot do quality learning if the rooms are below 60 degrees in the winter. The movement of all early childhood to Park Side would help students and staff focus on these important years of education. It would also reduce the total number of students at Park Side to ease the overcrowding.

My three children are benefiting from the work of past Marshall generations to build out school system into the high-quality education system it is today. Our job is to keep the progress moving for future generations. Do you want an accurate dollar impact on your taxes for this referendum? Go to www.investinginastrongfuture.org and click on the tax impact calculator under “The Cost” tab.

Join me in voting yes on the Marshall Schools referendum. You can vote now at the District Offices at the Marshall Middle School or vote on May 14th at the Marshall Middle School.

James Smalley



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