Swedzinski votes against ERA in House vote

To the editor:

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was recently passed by the Minnesota House which would put a measure on the 2020 ballot letting Minnesota voters decide whether to alter the state’s Constitution to say people have equal rights regardless of gender.

This seems like a no-brainer. Equal rights. Who would be against that?

Chris Swedzinski, that’s who. He voted against it.

To be fair, those who opposed the ERA stated their concerns about its potential impact on the medical rights of an individual. Namely, they are worried about abortion and LBGTQ treatment. I don’t share those concerns because I believe that regardless of who you are, politicians should not restrict your medical freedom.

But regardless of our differing beliefs, I would hope that Representative Swedzinski would agree with me that we should hear from the people regarding this issue. His decision to oppose putting this on the 2020 ballot just shows he doesn’t want us to decide for ourselves.

Whether or not you agree with him regarding the ERA, Chris Swedzinski’s attempts to restrict our voice on this issue is troubling. Let the people decide in 2020. Put the Equal Rights Amendment on the ballot.

Ben Walker



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