What if ‘Vote No’ means RTR can do better?

To the editor:

Many people have assumptions as to why someone would vote no on a new preK-12 school building. What if a vote no was because you know we can do better?

Better than the only location that was given to us, the existing site, causing at least two years of chaos with the students, lunch, and sporting events by building on site. Without an option of a possible business wanting to purchase the existing school facility, bringing in revenue.

What if by voting no we open up an opportunity of healing in our communities by building in a neutral location? There are past hurts and there are present hurts that have divided our communities.

Maybe a fresh start on neutral ground would give a new school the best possible success. If a vote yes happens there will be no other option to build elsewhere. No other option then bringing meals in for two years. No other option than a crazy basketball season with no parking and even more busing for practices. No option of the communities to heal from the past and move forward without a feeling of mistrust and apprehension of the future.

Do we need a new school? Perhaps, but we can do better RTR then the only option given to us in this vote.

Becky Peterson