Ignorant on science and facts

To the editor:

The comment by our state representative in your Feb. 7 editorial “Can’t ignore need to increase renewable energy” indicates Rep. Chris Swedzinski’s ignorance of science and facts and his lack of concern for us, our children, and our grandchildren.

What he should be concerned about is that we won’t have any jobs or ag industry or rural life if we do not take care of the resources we have. And switching to renewable, clean energy is part of that responsibility. The profits of the extractionists serve those who extract now, leaving the pollution and poison for the rest of us. This burdens future generations with the costs of triggered health issues, loss of resources, and pollution clean-up.

Too much of Mr. Swedzinski’s effort denies the common good so that a select few can benefit in the name of “jobs” or “business.” This is simply a shift of regulation so that I, other taxpayers, and future generations are in essence charged with the damage of others’ irresponsibility.

The new, sensible economic thought recognizes that instead of a more/grow model we need to think in terms of a healthy, vibrant stasis. We should be visionary about the future we create, rethink outmoded business and ag models, and responsibly create an economy and an energy policy that work for everyone. We have the know-how now. This mandates good stewardship of the rich but limited resources — water, air, soil — that Minnesota offers, because unrestricted, irresponsible growth and over-consumption is destabilizing and unsustainable.

The House should further develop the clean energy proposal and change the target date for completion to 2035. Call your representative, welcome him to the 21st century and tell him to support the MN clean energy proposal.

Patricia McLoone