The old cannot be made to last forever

To the editor:

There are times when you have to build a new house, or buy a new vehicle, or upgrade farm machinery because after considering the options, it is the best choice for your family. The old simply cannot be made to last forever no matter how much duct tape and bailing wire you use.

The “betterment of RTR” members know this. They do not live in sod houses, drive cars from the ’50s, or try to farm with dilapidated buildings and undependable equipment. They can spend money on themselves to keep current and functional, and I hope will take the same approach building a modern school for RTR’s future.

There still seems to be some question as how to accomplish that.

RTR students for years have been praised statewide for their attitude, sportsmanship, and maturity. I respect the members of RTR District who in times of need, sit down together and deliberate how we can best provide the best education for our outstanding kids. This time we have to do that with a lawsuit, and some misinformation.

I was pleased to see the presentation Monday night in Russell was not biased, but did raise many questions, many of which surely have been researched and answered by the task force. We need more discussion to create the most united support for any eventual plan. I encourage all district residents to attend the upcoming informational meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at RTR High School.

The school belongs to all of us and education is our highest responsibility. You can’t take it with you, but leaving well-educated, mindful, caring citizens in our wake is the best way to bequeath a better future to all our grandchildren.

Bruce Meyer