Disappointed in former RTR board members

To the editor:

I am writing this letter with much sadness and disappointment in the former RTR board members who once cared about education for our students. They now have chosen a path of scare tactics and are fighting to stop our district from moving forward, which could ultimately destroy RTR.

I was on the school board for 25 years and in 1988 when we put these three schools together no one ever dreamed that 30 years later we would still be using three buildings. Everyone knew this day was coming.

It is one thing to give information so the people can decide how they will vote on this issue, but it is another thing to hire outside people who are on record as being against public schools to try and sway votes. It is disgusting!

The future of RTR is at stake here. Do we want a school here in 10 years or don’t we? It’s that simple. I ask that voters consider our future, our RTR pride, our children’s education, and our long standing reputation as an outstanding school district. Let’s resist this negativity and unite. Vote yes for our students and future students.

Richard Kidman