2019 message from Mayor Bob Byrnes

As we begin the New Year, this is a time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

This year marks my 33rd year of elective office in Marshall; six years as councilman and 27 years as mayor. I am told this is one of the longest tenures in the state, though there is no accurate record to validate that claim. Regardless, it continues to be an honor and privilege to serve.

The year 2018 was a year of transition. A new city administrator, retirement and replacement of the public safety director and the fire chief as well as other retirements of long serving professionals in city departments. Through these transitions we honor the service and embrace the fresh perspectives of our staff.

It was a year of environmental challenge. Near record precipitation stretched our public resources. Fortunately the investment in flood control and surface water management has “paid off.” We are grateful for our emergency and public works staff who served with professionalism and grace.

Looking ahead to 2019, I find it useful to consider our assets. We are a growing and changing community. We will become more diverse, which I view as positive and an essential component of growth in Greater Minnesota. Marshall is ready for new investment as our commercial and industrial capacity rivals or exceeds any objective site selection criteria in the multi-state area. The retail activity continues to exceed projections. Over 10,000 employees come to Marshall every work day. Traffic counts at our major intersections equal or exceed nearby interstate traffic. As a well-managed city, Marshall enjoys one of the highest financial ratings available and has a lower tax rate as compared to comparable communities.

Of course, Marshall has challenges. There always has been and always will be economic uncertainty driven by factors beyond our control. If allowed, daily issues can overshadow longer term goals and there will be those who may continue to choose false information.

I choose to focus on the challenges as opportunities of our future. In the year 2022 Marshall will celebrate 150 years. My goal is for the city to celebrate its past and be positioned for the next 150 years of opportunities.

Bob Byrnes, mayor, city of Marshall