Worry about grandchildren’s Future

To the editor:

Senator Gary Dahms and Representative Chris Swedzinski, I am unable to attend your 7 a.m. meeting in Marshall. During the meeting time I am doing granddad day care for one of my grandchildren. I worry about the future that my grandchildren will inherit. I submit this letter ending with questions I would ask if I could be at your early morning meeting.

Previously you both have sided with the Canadian Oil Company Enbridge in casting votes to allow Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline to go forward with reduced regulatory input. This proposed pipeline threatens pristine waters and ecosystems in Northern Minnesota while contributing to global warming that impacts all of Minnesota and the world. In addition to disregarding native American treaties and an economy that depends upon clean water, Minnesotans assume great risk for the profiteering of a Canadian company that wants to pipe the dirtiest of tar sands oil across Minnesota’s land and water.

As the old pipeline is abandoned the new one will be 36 inches in diameter and send almost double the amount of oil in a highly pressurized pipe (760,000 barrels per day). Nationally Enbridge’s pipelines have broken numerous times. Administrative Law Judge Ann O’Reilley stated that the costs to Minnesota of building a new pipeline on a new corridor far outweighed the benefits. Even the Minnesota Department of Commerce recommended against approving the pipeline. Ninety-four percent of the public comments submitted for the Evidentiary Hearings on Line 3 opposed the pipeline.

The climate data continues to grow indicating we must without delay move away from carbon-based energy. As you, know the renewable energy sector has created many jobs in outstate Minnesota. A report by Minnesota Public Radio in August of this year stated that energy efficiency and renewables create nearly 60,000 jobs in Minnesota. Doing the right thing makes economic sense as well.

Will you stand for clean water and slowing global warming by actively pursuing legislation that recognizes the threat of global climate change by calling for greater investment in clean energy jobs and practices to reduce Minnesota’s carbon footprint?

Will you also withdraw your support for environmentally disastrous projects such as the Canadian Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline?

Your answer will impact present and future generations.

Darwin Dyce