Tired of letters from liberals, decision made by schools and city of Marshall

To the editor:

Frankly, I’m getting tired of all the liberal reposted letters to the editor from big-time cities like the Washington Post. Do they know what is like out here?

How about some letters from local residents who know what it is like out here where the largest employers are trying to get labor as cheap as possible to survive?

In the small city of Marshall if we want our kids to get ahead we have to send them to the big city while we import a large fraction of our workers and their children take up a large fraction of our schools. It costs around 9 grand a year for each school age child who doesn’t speak English and on top of that the local school board is probably going to ask for around $30 million for “priority 1” needs.

I remember graduating from a school that was torn down years ago and it is obvious that the school board isn’t taking care of the West Side School like they should. How about buying neighboring property to expand the school. It sure looks stupid to me to have seen East Side practically given away and now they are trying to do it to West Side too.

I’m tired of letters saying we have to let more and more people in this country while the rest of us who chose to stay or come back have to bear the burden of supporting people we don’t identify with. I’m getting very tired of city officials trying to pretend Marshall is the regional center of southwest Minnesota by building new facilities when we are almost a $100 million in debt. Most of the residents go shopping somewhere else at least once a month.

Thomas VanOverbeke


Editor’s note: The letter to the editor mentioned was actually published as an editorial from another newspaper and was labeled as “Other Voices — not Public Forum