Minimize area of fake news in the online comments section

To the editor:

I enjoy reading the Marshall Independent online early in the morning over a cup of coffee. The headlines of the day are of interest. Notice in some articles’ endings, you have a comment can be added. Unknown names appear with comments not only of the article, but sometimes individual slander. Right Bob Rooney?

School issues can be an emotional area. We are aware of RTR’s proposal to vote on a $35 million school project. Your reporting has been done by your reporters in a fair and accurate detail. Now you let an individual, not even in the RTR school district, distort — twist, lie — fake facts. Right Bob Rooney?

I notice the other week a letter to the editor over the RTR survey with some questions or concerns. Notice was signed by the individual. Maybe Bob Rooney should try this area of the newspaper, or is your source from Tyler afraid to put out in words their true feelings?

I hope that the Marshall Independent under comments section, will minimize this area of the fake news.

Gary L. Erdmann