Global warming is still fake news

To the editor:

The Nov 27, 2018 “We can’t afford to ignore climate change report,” said: “More investment in renewable energy will help.” And, “Spending a few extra dollars now may prevent the nation from paying a whole lot more in the future in recovering from weather disasters.” I’ve been subscribing to Science, and Science News for several years now, and have yet to see anything conclusive about man-made CO2 (carbon dioxide) as the real cause for climate change. I see “maybe’s,” “possibilities,” and sometimes contradictions, but nothing really solid.

Last month I submitted a letter to the editor with several technical details on why “man made global warming” is fake science; and that it is driven to never ending repetition because of money motives as was verified in a Marshall Independent Nov. 13 article “Privately-funded litigators should not be working in state attorneys general offices.” It appeared Nov. 20, 2018, and was titled ‘Why does environmentalist myth keep getting recycled?’

I would like to add to that, this quote from John Coleman, meteorologist and founder of the Weather Channel: “Scientists are afraid of speaking out against global warming because they’ll lose their grants. I’m not looking for grants.” Conclusion: Man made global warming is almost as phony as macro-evolution.

Phil Drietz


Editor’s note: Here’s a link to the op-ed submission by Phil Drietz that appeared on Nov. 20: