Labat, Edblom have proven records on working together

To the editor:

As the voters of Ward I and Ward II in Marshall go to the polls next Tuesday, I ask you to consider one thing.

If we want this city to grow, we must work together. The city can prosper when the county and city work together.

In late summer, the county asked the city council to get together with us and discuss how we could work together to grow Marshall. They told us they were too busy. The county and the city had a partnership in the Economic Development Authority for a few years.

After that request, the EDA told the county they didn’t want us as partners anymore and didn’t want to work together.

I ask you to support people who want to work together and have a proven record of doing so.

I ask you to support Russ Labat and Don Edblom, two candidates who have proven they will work together for the best for our city of Marshall. We all want growth, so let’s work together.

Charles Sanow