Few candidates mention Constitution

To the editor:

As citizens have listened to people seeking public office, any mention of the U.S. Constitution or the precepts the founding fathers used to form that document, are harder to find than a needle in a haystack. Yet they will swear an oath to uphold that document, against all enemies foreign and domestic. Are your voting preferences based upon how many political signs, ads or bumper stickers you see? Perhaps it’s the political party you belong to, or the gender of the person, their skin color, or their religious belief? And these factors have what to do with the U.S. Constitution and the limited government it provided?

Now we use the government as a piggy bank, while, out of the other side of our mouth, we complain about the lobbyists, special interests and widespread corruption. Have we forgotten the saying that “a government big enough to give you everything you want, is also big enough to take away from you everything you have.”

The funny money system we live under via the private Federal Reserve system has enabled us to live beyond our means for decades, while our posterity can be handed an IOU, for a bill they had nothing to do with. This has provided the funds for what seems to be a perpetual welfare and warfare state, the fruits of which are mostly rotten.

It has been spread around that many politicians are like a banana — yellow, crooked, slippery, they hang together and they go bad quickly.

Leo Lindquist