Feeling the passion of ‘Newsies’

To the editor:

My wife, Patricia, and I had the pleasure of attending the Marshall High School musical, “Newsies,” this past weekend and were again totally impressed by the youth of our community.

From the moment the musical started through the final song, we could see and feel the passion in the action, the voices and the faces of each person on stage. The strength that was present in the unity of their voices gave power to their message and compelled the audience to join them in their quest to do the right thing for each other and our world. Each and all involved in the performance, you were magnificent. Danny Smith IV, Jack Pederson, Emma Runchey Smalley and Nick Dunn — you were stellar! Meredith Bock, “Dyn-o-mite” — listen, Broadway is calling! Mr. Smith, you got it right!

Thank you!

John Drown