House Farm bill includes good amendments; reach out to lawmakers

To the editor:

The final Farm Bill is not yet settled and is pressing positive outcomes on a number of issues in the House and Senate versions. The highly controversial House bill includes good amendments to strengthen federal law on animal fighting and prohibit the dog and cat meat trade, but it also contains the egregious and overreaching “King amendment,” which threatens to nullify hundreds of state and local laws on animal welfare, food safety, environmental protection, and many other concerns related to agricultural products.

The Senate approved a much friendlier Farm Bill, which omits the King amendment and includes essential language to address domestic violence against pets, as well as a provision to prevent the dog and cat meat trade from taking hold in the U.S. and strengthen our hand in seeking to end it worldwide.

Please reach out to our state representative, Collin Peterson, who is on the House committee and will vote on the Farm Bill that we do not accept the King Amendment.

Lisa Mehlhop