Chiming in on Carillon

To the editor:

I must chime in regarding the article in the Faith section of your Oct. 5 newspaper.

I feel it important to remind the powers that be at St. Steven LC that the year is 2018, not 1820. There isn’t a person in town wanting to know the time that can’t find out in a second or two. We have watches and smart phones now. There is no need for the digitally-generated gonging and clanging of your carillon to inform us of the time. There is enough unnecessary nuisance noise in people’s lives today with out you helping us stay on schedule.

The Rev. Snyder states in the article that the audio intrusion he is creating is not only to remind people to go to church, but to remind people of “God’s presence all over the place.” I feel the Rev. Snyder could remind his congregation to go to church in a quieter, more private manner. Perhaps a more inspiring sermon the previous week, or possibly a computer-generated phone reminder on Saturday evenings.

As for his belief that the clanging of a fake bell or hymn is a reminder of “God’s presence all over the place,” I feel this eternal debate deserves more consideration than the simple introduction of unrequested noise.

I have nothing against hymns; I enjoy a good hymn as much as the next guy. However, I do take issue when they are forced upon me by someone else. Here again I feel the Rev. Snyder is mistaken in thinking he possesses some divine right to force feed the citizens of south Marshall hymns of his choice at times of his choosing.

In closing, I wonder why the carillon is muted whenever there is an important meeting, gathering or service at St. Stephen. Could it be that the carillon is loud, disruptive and intrusive?

Because the Rev. Snyder lives on the other side of town and doesn’t get to enjoy the total carillon experience, I suggest he camp out in the church parking lot for a couple weeks. The up close carillon experience could possibly cool his enthusiasm for his new toy.

Silence is golden — please give us a break and unplug the carillon!

Doyle Brenner