Cause and effect in our society

To the editor:

Another mass murder! What is happening to our society? What is the solution?

Ban guns, institutionalize the mentally ill, more security for our schools. How about recognizing the fact that mankind is sinful? Looking back in history there are the examples of Cain and Abel, the first recorded murder because of jealousy. …

The death count for war-related casualties of the 20 century is about 150 million people. Communist persecution resulted in approximately 60 million deaths and here in the United States, since 1973 we have killed over 50 million unborn babies because life is a “choice.” Mankind has a problem with not cherishing life.

Since 1962 there has been a concerted effort to remove God from our culture beginning with Engel v. Vitale, 1962 U.S. Supreme Court which removed prayer from public schools. A decision that cited no previous cases because there were none in nearly 200 years of U.S. history. Within a year, in Abington v. Schempp, the court ruled that a Bible reading by a student, of his choice, without comment, to start the day was unconstitutional.

The theory of evolution (origins) is taught as “fact” which has the basic tenets of survival of the fittest and man is not special being a descendant of apes. All of the above responsible for those hundreds of millions’ death held/hold this view. Challenge this view and you will see no wall of separation. …

God has taken care of our predicament by sending us his son Jesus at Christmas, Emanuel God with us, to show us how to live. After about 33 years we had enough of His example and crucified Him. that should have been the end of it, but instead He rose up from the dead in order to undo the curse of death brought about by sin. What do we do with this information? …

We are in the Easter season; find a church that teaches these things and celebrate the death of the curse through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by receiving Him as your savior.

Layle French



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