Attitude expressed appears to intimidate

To the editor:

Monday’s (July 3) letter writer did not speak for me when he attacked the editor of your paper for merely expressing an opinion on the OPINION page of the paper that he is the editor thereof.

His (the letter writer’s) characterization of that opinion as being “a gross distortion of the facts, a blatant lie” seems to be unkind at the least and perhaps, upon further intelligent illumination, highly inaccurate.

More chilling is the attitude expressed that seeks to intimidate those whose opinions might not agree with the majority of us in southwest Minnesota.

I have news for the said letter writer — most of us can think for ourselves and just maybe we don’t all agree with him! We will continue to exercise that right of freedom of thought and expression as long as God allows us to remain free to do so. In addition, freedom of an independent press happens to be a constitutional right in this country, presently only forces of oppression would consider it a threat.

God gave us minds to think; it’s an insult to Him to not use them.

Sometimes we need to look at our own motives and purposes before we start impuning those of others.

Keith VanOverbeke