No time for taking chances this holiday

The horrible weather predictions we have been getting this week couldn’t come at a worse time, with families getting ready to gather for the Christmas holidays. The National Weather Service is predicting several inches of snow over the next few days, whipped by strong wind that will not only created large drifts but dangerous wind chill temperatures.

The Minnesota State Patrol and MnDOT are anticipating closing highways due to the weather conditions, and those who venture out in the blizzard may find help cannot reac them.

This is no time to take chances. If you don’t have to travel anywhere, stay off the roads. If you have travel plans, change them. If you absolutely must travel, be sure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle with warm clothing, blankets, food and water.

The Independent will be giving the same advice to our circulation drivers and carriers. We do not want them taking chances with the weather. Our papers will be printed, but if the drivers and carriers cannot safely get through, the papers will be held and delivered when it is safe to do so.

We ask our subscribers to be patient during this challenging time.


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