Go vote!

Today is Election Day.

Hopefully by the time you picked up the morning paper and read this editorial you have either already voted or getting ready to head out the door and drive over to a polling station to cast your vote. If voting wasn’t on your original plans for the day, please reconsider.

We realize everybody is sick and tired of the all the political ads flooding TV screens for the past couple months. While these ads put the spotlight on Minnesota’s gubernatorial and other statewide and federal races, don’t forget there are other races that have direct impact on our communities.

For instance, there are school referendums affecting the quality of education our children will receive during the upcoming years and how much property tax you will pay.

Ballots also include school board races.

And don’t forget the races that have a direct bearing on decisions made inside City Hall — mayors and city council seats. And how about all the commission seats for the various counties.

This is your opportunity to have your say on decisions made in the community you live and pay taxes.

Polling places are listed on the front page. Check them out. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

Let’s get out and vote.


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