Who is McConell sticking it to — Democrats or America?

Sen. Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are continuing to be the monkey wrench in the gears of government when it comes to raising the federal debt limit. Republicans are planning to filibuster on raising or suspending the debt limit, forcing Democrats to come up with 60 votes they don’t have to end the filibuster. Republicans want Democrats to use the process known as budget reconciliation, a more complex process that would require Democrats to legislate specified changes in spending, revenue, deficits or the debt limit.

Democrats would not need any Republican votes, and Republicans want the Democrats to own this debt increase.

Republicans must feel that by forcing Democrats to do this on their own they will be gaining political advantage.

But are the Republicans really “sticking it” to the Democrats or are they sticking it to the American people by threatening the fiscal integrity of the government, which is set to run out of money by Oct. 18 if the debt limit is not raised.

Economic experts warn that America could be thrown into a recession if it has to default on its debts, and this recession would ripple out into the world’s economy. The stock market could lose billions in value, affecting the retirement funds and portfolios of Americans across the country.

If Mitch McConnell thinks this is worth it to if it means Republicans regain control of Congress, then he has proven his priorities lie with the party, not with the people of America.


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